8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Custom Boxes for Packaging

Read our guide to learn what custom packaging boxes are and 8 reasons you should utilize them in your business.

Read our guide to learn what custom packaging boxes are and 8 reasons you should utilize them in your business.

Only 11% of customers around the world are completely satisfied with modern packaging options. This could be due to a lack of interest, protection, and other concerns.

Custom boxes solve many of the shipping problems that face businesses today. They create a consistent brand image that lures customers and creates a higher level of trust and recognition.

It’s easier now to customize packaging to look the way you want. Thanks to technologies like printers, there are options for custom packaging for every small business, corporation, and company regardless of size.

Read our guide to learn what custom packaging boxes are and 8 reasons you should utilize them in your business.

Stock Packaging vs. Custom Boxes

Before describing the benefits of custom boxes, it’s important to understand how they differ from more traditional shipping options.

Stock packaging is generic shipping material usually made of cardboard that anyone can pick up at a post office or shipping store. It works for single deliveries but isn’t the best option for creating a thriving business.

Custom boxes allow for more creativity. Every aspect from color to size can be changed to create a unique brand identity and save on shipping costs.

It’s important to know the types of custom packaging boxes that are available today. Choosing the best one for your business is an essential planning decision.

One option is known as pie packaging. It’s primarily meant to keep bakery items safe but can work for any circular product. They’re completely customizable, and it’s common practice to add a small window so that customers can take a peek at the sweets before they purchase them.

Custom printed corrugated boxes are another option. The term corrugated simply means to have folds on opposite ends. These boxes are durable and highly customizable when taken to a printing service.

Learn more about our custom box options here.

1. Standing Out

Customers have endless options in today’s market, no matter what kind of product or service they’re looking for. It’s essential for each business to create its own identity that catches the customer’s eye. The packaging should urge them to take the product off the shelf and buy it.

Custom packaging boxes make it easier to tailor each package to the needs of your brands and customers. It helps differentiate you from your competitors, especially if they’re still using stock packaging. This will lead to higher sales, better brand recognition, and a host of other benefits.

2. Unboxing

Packaging has become more important as the trend of watching people open products has grown in popularity. YouTube trends come and go, but the “unboxing” video seems to be here to stay.

In the year 2013, 6.5 years of unboxing content were uploaded to Youtube. Plenty of people viewed this content, seeing how a variety of products are packaged and how they look once they’re opened.

A company that doesn’t create custom packaging boxes may be missing out on this valuable source of free advertising. No one will want to film themselves opening a boring box or broken product.

3. First Impressions

First impressions are formed in 100 milliseconds, an almost immeasurably small amount of time. They can remain even if hard facts contradict them. That’s why it’s crucial for every business to regulate the impression customers get when viewing their products for the first time.

The packaging is the first thing a customer sees when they find your product and the first tactile experience they’ll have with it.

Unboxing videos also help create a positive first impression. If someone sees your product in a YouTube video and enjoys it, they’ll create a positive association before they even see it in a store and consider purchasing it.

Effective stock packaging can create a positive first impression, but a custom package gives a business more control over how a product is perceived. It’s one of the easiest ways to give customers the best possible first impression of your product.

4. Sustainability

The packaging is usually discarded the moment the user purchases and/or receives a product. This isn’t sustainable in the long term, but custom packaging boxes can decrease a businesses’ environmental impact.

The look of a package isn’t the only element that can be customized. Businesses can also choose the manufacturing materials, ensuring that the package is made with the most sustainable options.

Custom packaging boxes are less likely to be thrown away than stock packaging. The customer may enjoy the design so much that they want to keep it, saving it from ending up in a landfill.

Using greener materials reduces the packaging’s impact on the environment. It’s much easier to customize exactly what a package is made with when opting for custom packaging boxes.

This increased sustainability is just one more benefit custom packaging provides. It reduces your business’s overall environmental impact, which is something that increasingly environmentally conscious customers will appreciate.

5. Protection

Customers rate protection as one of the most important parts of a product’s packaging. Customers are never happy when an item they ordered shows up broken or cracked, and anything a business can do to avoid this is a worthwhile investment.

All types of packaging are meant to keep a product safe, but custom packaging boxes can provide even more protection than the standard stock options.

Some products are uniquely shaped, oddly sized, or fragile and require extra padding. They’re less likely to be damaged by the shipping process when placed in a box specifically made to fit them. Customers will be pleased with the improved condition when they arrive.

Protection should always be the first priority of every packaging decision, as a damaged product is one of the easiest ways to make customers angry. The added level of protection provided by custom packaging boxes makes them a better solution than traditional stock options.

6. Customer Relationships

Creating a relationship with customers is an essential task for any business. Purchases aren’t made on needs and desires alone but also on the connections made with a brand.

Part of creating an effective relationship with your customers involves knowing what they want from your company. One important thing they look for is visually appealing, eye-catching packaging.

A study at Cornell compared cereal brands and found that customers felt more connection and trust when the mascots on the boxes appeared to make eye contact with them. Stirring a customer’s emotions keeps them remembering and coming back to your company.

It also improves the experience when products arrive in pristine condition. 3 out of 5 customers say it hurts their relationship with the brand, and 1 in 5 said they would never purchase from that retailer again. Custom boxes prevent damage, keeping the relationship strong.

7. Branding

The packaging is an essential part of branding. It creates a recognizable image that customers can identify right away. They’re more likely to purchase from a brand they know and trust.

A package can include any combination of several different brand identifiers, from a recognizable color scheme to an effective logo. Custom packaging boxes make these easier to implement.

Brand recall is an important part of sales. Customers are less likely to buy from brands they’re unfamiliar with or have seen but don’t remember. Custom packaging boxes are carefully crafted to appeal to customers, ensuring they remember and recognize your brand for years to come.

Custom packaging is one of the best ways to make your brand recognizable and memorable, increasing sales. They make it easier to create the best possible brand image.

8. Product Consistency

Customers expect the same level of quality across every product line that business offers. This can be difficult for businesses that offer a range of products. Custom packaging boxes make it easier as they help a business to create a high level of consistency across different locations, product lines, and more.

Most modern businesses don’t sell a single product but a range of similar options. Each one could come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and more. Creating custom packaging for each helps create a consistent image while ensuring that each product has a package tailored to its needs.

Product consistency is important for a number of reasons. It helps customers trust and recognizes your brand as they know what to expect. It also ensures that the level of quality for each product line is the same.

Where to Get Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging boxes require an investment of time and money to create. The many benefits justify the extra effort.

Whether you’re looking for small business packaging or shipping truckloads of items for a corporation, custom packaging is the best option. It connects customers with your brand, gives them a better experience, improves consistency, cuts shipping costs, and more.

Custom packaging is no longer a chore to find. Thanks to the numerous benefits it provides, you can’t afford not to consider making it part of your shipping process. Let us help you create packaging that’s perfect for your products.

For more information, check out our FAQ page. If you’re ready to get started creating custom packaging boxes that wow your customers, contact us today.

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