Carbon Neutral Education and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

In The Bag (ITB) have held ourselves to the highest possible level of standards

Carbon Neutral Education and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

For as long as In The Bag (ITB) has been in business, we have held ourselves to the highest possible level of ethical and environmental standards. These days, that translates to achieving carbon neutrality by any means necessary while simultaneously ticking off as many boxes in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) guidebook as possible.

Don’t worry—we know some of you might not be all that familiar with corporate social responsibility or carbon neutrality. So, let’s dive into each term individually. And once we’ve done that, we can discuss how In The Bag strives to achieve carbon neutrality and how we maintain strict CSR standards.

What Is Carbon Neutrality? And How About CSR?

In the simplest of terms, carbon neutrality means absorbing as much of the carbon we emit in an effort to reach net zero emissions. (Experts recommend reaching the threshold of net zero emissions by the year 2050—otherwise, we could be in store for disaster!) To achieve such a goal, businesses and individuals alike must invest in carbon offsets to reduce carbon emissions.

Corporate social responsibility, meanwhile, refers to the specific idea that a company should play a vital ethical role in society. CSR is very much associated with the idea of sustainability. As such, it focuses on three core components: environmental, social, and governance. Businesses, both small and large, should keep these three core components in mind when they operate. Doing so could make the difference in reaching a net-zero emissions future.

How to Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

All three components of corporate social responsibility are crucial. Social aspects include the likes of supporting community initiatives and dealing only with socially-responsible companies, such as Fairtrade suppliers and the Forest Stewardship Council. On the other hand, governance relates to the vital processes of implanting good health and safety practices, and focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion within your business. Those two CSR initiatives should not be taken lightly.

But given that we’re also discussing carbon neutrality, let’s focus on the third core component of CSR—environmentalism. Here are a few ways you can adopt an eco-conscious attitude while adhering to a CSR mindset:

  • Reduce your level of waste. If you’re a packaging company like we are, or a company that packages products, this means using more recyclable and reusable materials. This practice is constantly at the forefront of our business model.
  • Closely monitor your energy use and your greenhouse emissions. We recommend using the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator on the National Resources Canada website. It’s great for analyzing your greenhouse gas emissions level and pinpointing where you need to reduce.
  • Establish transportation method incentives. Sometimes, your employees just need a gentle nudge. This can come in the form of installed bike racks or electric vehicle charging stations. The point is to get them moving to and from work more eco-consciously. And of course, remote work might be the way of the future!

How In The Bag Focuses on Carbon Neutrality

By working with In The Bag, you’ll be taking one step closer to achieving carbon neutrality. As we mentioned, we focus on sustainable methods throughout every tier of our company. This includes:

  • Using recyclable and reusable materials
  • Using plant-based and plantable packaging materials
  • Using biodegradable plastic alternatives
  • Working with FCS-certified business
  • Sourcing materials from Fairtrade-certified businesses
  • Closely monitoring our carbon emissions

At the end of the day, In The Bag will always work towards making our planet healthier and happier. That means we’re committed staying up to date on the latest trends surrounding carbon neutrality and corporate social responsibility. If you’re looking for an even more in-depth analysis of CSR, start here. And if you’d like to read up more on carbon neutrality, In The Bag has the perfect guide for you!

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